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    People feel very differently about the holidays. Some people anticipate them with joy and some people dread them. Sometimes the reasons are good and

    1. Someone close to me died at this time of the year and I can't bring myself to celebrate anything.

      Can't argue with that one.

    2. Everything is so commercial now. I feel forced to spend too much money on gifts.

      That's one we can all relate to.

    3. For the Christians out there....this time of year has nothing to do with the birth of Christ anymore.

      Yup, yup....see your point.

    4. Why do I have to spend the holidays with my family? I don't like my family.

      This one is more popular than it should be.

    5. I hate shopping. Too many people pushing and shoving. The lines are intolerable.

      Gee, let's hope so this year folks.

    6. I don't have a New Years party to go to this year.

      My all time favorite.

    Well I personally can relate to a lot of these reasons, and believe me, I feel them very strongly every year.

    I live here in New York, and for those of you who don't, let me just say that you cannot possibly imagine how crowded it gets here. As if it's not crowded enough the rest of the year, the tourists that come in by the droves to see the Nutcracker or the Radio City Christmas Spectacular or the many, many, too many Messiahs all over town. Not to mention the shopping. An hour at least to find the gift and another hour waiting in line to pay for it. And that's just one gift for one person. Check that off your list and move on.

    Here in New York (and most major cities I would imagine) there's an awful lot of tipping going on right about now. Oh lord let's see.....the doormen and supers of your apartment building....the mailmen....the guys at the garage that get your car not when you ask for it but when they feel like it....the dry cleaners who listen to you say the same exact thing about that stupid shirt all year round...and the list goes on and on. Well, this adds up to a lot of money let me tell ya. And another thing about being here in New York. The sidewalks (and I mean all of them) are just cluttered with Christmas trees and wreaths and other such things for sale. This starts right after Halloween it seems, and I mean one cannot even navigate a few blocks without losing your temper.

    And each and every year I am amazed at the cost, the time spent, and the energy spent on these endeavors. One is actually extremely relieved when the whole damn thing is over with. Finally you feel you can breathe and relax for a few short months before it all starts up again ....which happens sooner and sooner each year doncha think?

    Having said all of this I admit right now that I will tolerate all of the above and more.

    I will enjoy this holiday season with all of my heart because of lessons learned this year.

    And moreover I am grateful for it all.

    But what the hell do I know anyway.

    Happy holidays everyone.


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