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    I haven't checked lately what the "official" explanation of pain is in the dictionary. I have my own theory brewing. I think that pain is reward. The reward comes in the very nature that the pain will end. It's all just a matter of time. When will it end.

    Of course there are many forms of pain. Pain is like a wonderful actor who can morph into any character. There is physical pain. You burn yourself, or stub your toe, or poke yourself with a needle. Well, this is okay and hardly worth writing about. But then there is the accident you were in, and now you are in a great deal of pain during the recovery period. Seems like it will never end....but it does. And of course there is the physical pain that is inflicted upon you....sometimes to a good end and sometimes not. The good end being like going to the dentist and the bad being hit or slapped or even beaten.

    There is such a variety of pain out there. It's like a smorgasbord.

    For me however, the most damaging and intense is emotional pain. Oh, now we're talkin. This category is interesting to me because so much of the time, we are inflicting pain upon ourselves.

    Guilt is a particular favorite of mine.

    Man oh man, what we all do to ourselves in the name of guilt. I am one of those people that actually believes you should feel guilty about stuff....sometimes. I don't run away from or rationalize the bad things I've done.... I try not to anyway. But it is truly difficult at times to sort out what you were and weren't responsible for. Whether or not you could have made a difference.

    I lost a friend I am sorting.

    Missing someone....for whatever reason is painful. And like I said before the reward for this kind of pain comes in the fact that eventually you will see this person. Even if they are no longer here, you will see them again....eventually. That, by the way, is a wonderful perk of being catholic.

    But here is the one thing I do not understand. It is widely known, even documented and proven that we as humans do not remember emotional pain. Only physical pain.

    I disagree...but what the hell do I know.


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