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    This page is...I've decided, where I get to spew and share my opinion. I'll change it as often as my schedule allows and sometimes maybe, even sooner depending on how I am feeling about "stuff". I'll tell you now that it will rarely be about music or playing the violin except for the times when it is. I invite you to spew and share as well. For an archive of my previous opinions, click here. Email


    Six months have passed since that fateful day. Last night they lit the Towers of Light Memorial here in New York City. I think it's beautiful and perhaps it should stay there forever.

    So time has passed and as always time does its thing. Works its magical powers and helps us to move on. Certainly a lot hasn't changed. We are still at war and he (the evil doer) is still hiding out somewhere. But we are all moving on and we have all learned at least a few things about ourselves and the world. For instance I have learned never to wear socks with holes in them while traveling. Inevitably I am asked to take my shoes off at the airport and...ya can be a little embarassing.

    Trying to explain my name while checking in is always entertaining and of course there's my violin. Short of taking the thing out and playing a tune for everyone at security...well let's just say I have to constantly prove that it is not a bazooka.

    Okay, okay, so we're all extremely inconvenienced when we travel.

    When this all began we (those of us that travel a lot) thought it was unbearable and unacceptable. And guess what? We've all gotten used to it. At least I have.

    I mean there are still things I just don't why the soldiers at the airport have one and sometimes two canteens attached to their gear. Are they really afraid of dehydrating at an airport???

    And of course the so called "random search". I think that all the little old ladies of America should form a union and unite against this obvious form of prejudice. You know they are always the ones chosen and I personally feel that they shouldn't be subjected to pulling out all their medications and Dr. Scholls products. Poor little old ladies.

    However, I must admit, I kinda enjoy the personal search routine. The one where you lift your arms up and they brush that whatever it is thingy all over you. Those of us that wear underwire bras are in for a special treat. One time I got what seemed like a full body massage. We exchanged numbers.

    Well anyway, my point is that time is helping us cope with just about everything.

    It's not that I'm willing to forget what happened.....I will never forget it and neither should anyone...ever. It's just that I am now willing to accept it. And that means accepting any and all consequences.

    Whether I agree with my government or not, I feel I should support it.

    Time has taught us a lot this year.

    So I will go on doing my thing....playing music for people.

    Spring is right around the corner.

    It's time to start smiling again.

    But what the hell do I know.


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