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    This page is...I've decided, where I get to spew and share my opinion. I'll change it as often as my schedule allows and sometimes maybe, even sooner depending on how I am feeling about "stuff". I'll tell you now that it will rarely be about music or playing the violin except for the times when it is. I invite you to spew and share as well. For an archive of my previous opinions, click here. Email


    I don't really have a lot to say about any one subject right now, so I thought I'd share with you a little about a bunch of stuff .

    Okay, here goes...

    1) MY WEIGHT
    Why is it that no matter how I try, I will never again be the weight I was when I was twenty? I diet as well as the next person (well, maybe not), and it's not even that I look bad. In fact I look thin these days, but still I cannot get down to that weight any more. Is there a law unknown to me that states that I am not allowed to be that weight anymore?

    I have 2 phone lines and a cell. I receive 12 bills a month. I don't understand. Shouldn't it be 3 bills a month? Is this a postal conspiracy? Can anyone explain this to me???

    Okay I understand that Saddam Hussein is a bad guy. He is a sick, twisted, evil man, and I agree with my government that he has to go. I really do, and also I believe in prevention and that is what I guess we are talking about here. But my question is this: do we have to bomb the entire country and kill probably thousands and thousands (bombs are smart these days but not that smart) of innocent people just to oust one man? I know, I know: every possible diplomatic channel does not work with this guy ... I am not suggesting that. But what about a little covert action -- like the kind we see and love on West Wing? Can't we just remove the tumor from the body? Don't we have trained scary professional guys who know how to do this? What about the ultra fabulous Israeli secret police that they love to brag about? Shouldn't they help? Christ, we help them enough, God knows. I don't know ... there's got to be a better way. James Bond where are you?

    Here is something that has always been true with me, and I still cannot understand it at all: I feel like I've accomplished more after a rehearsal than after a concert. Any psychiatrists out there???

    Okay I know I love to talk about airports and travel too much, but just one more. The "random" search at the gate? People, it's not random. Trust me. I am searched each and every flight because I carry a case that nobody seems to be familiar with. Let me tell you that violin shaped cases went out about 15 years ago. We all have oblong shaped cases now -- all of us. But still the geniuses at the gate seem to feel that it's some sort of gun -- so I guess it makes them feel like they're really doing their part for the country. But in my opinionÉthis is NOT random. Oh, and one other thing about traveling. Remember when we were told that certain "random" flights would be manned by air marshals? Remember that? Well, I've got that one figured out too. All flights going in or out of Washington, D.C. have air marshals on them. And that's it folks. I suppose I shouldn't reveal this government secret on my website, but all I can say is, if I could figure it out... And don't expect to get up and go to the bathroom in or out of Washington either. They won't let you stand up. Gotta keep W safe, I suppose. Well look at the bright side: those of you who fly in or out of Washington are ABSOLUTELY safe!!! Enjoy your flight.

    Why is toilet paper scented? I mean think about it?

    Okay, I think I've written enough. Time for a drink now. But what the hell do I know.


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