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    This page is...I've decided, where I get to spew and share my opinion. I'll change it as often as my schedule allows and sometimes maybe, even sooner depending on how I am feeling about "stuff". I'll tell you now that it will rarely be about music or playing the violin except for the times when it is. I invite you to spew and share as well. For an archive of my previous opinions, click here. Email


    I'm sure we'd all agree that there are so many things that happen to us or around us each and every single day that we just don't understand fully. Some of these "things" seem harmful while others seem confusing. And then there are my favorites: those that are just plain stupid.

    I've decided to list a few that I have noticed in the last week or so.

    Here goes...

    The Elevator Button
    Why is it that people will push the elevator button anyway, when it's perfectly clear it's already been pushed by someone else waiting there? And then there's the multiple pusher.

    The button is lit up, and the bozo continues to press it over and over again very rapidly.

    Aren't we all aware by now that this doesn't help?

    Clocks and Watches
    This one has always fascinated me because it falls into that "who the hell are you kidding" category. Why do people set their clocks and watches ahead? I have never done it myself, but I'm told it's because they don't want to be late. But ... if you know your clock has been set ahead, then don't you then know that you have that much more time? And therefore there is no need to rush? I have a friend who sets his watch ahead 25 minutes. If you ask me, that's a lot of unnecessary calculating. And while we're on this subject, why doesn't anyone set their clocks behind? Same principal, no?

    Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden
    Okay, okay, I know this is an old subject by now reduced to a bad aftertaste of horrific events. But it is still topical... know why? Because we haven't found them yet. We've found other people. Sons and daughters and key generals and maids and baby sitters and dog walkers...but we haven't found them. Why???? We as a people have to realize that our government has and uses resources that we are simply not aware of. In fact we are told that these resources are so advanced and effective, it's best that we don't know. So why can't we find them? Intelligence, covert operations, spies, satellites, reconnaissance, special forces, the FBI, the CIA: are they a figment of our imagination, or were they created specifically and solely for Hollywood?

    Hotels and Windows
    Why is it that there are like 3 hotels in the United States where you can actually open a window in your room? Is there some sort of law about this? I mean there are many reasons one might want to open a window in their room. Smokers like myself might want to simply air the room out from time to time. Or sometimes the room is just too hot -- or too cold. Then there are those room service meals that can really stink up the joint. I mean geez, not everyone that checks in wants to jump out ya know.

    That Stupid Message We Always Hear
    Your call may be monitored to assure quality service.

    Your call may be monitored for quality assurance.

    What the hell does this mean??? Is someone listening to my call or not? And what are they listening for anyway? What I'm saying or what the person I'm talking to is saying? Who is doing the listening? Does this mean there can't be a little friendly chit chat with the employee? God forbid you explain your situation and the employee then tries to help you; can they get into trouble for that? For maybe bending a rule or two to help you out?

    After all, isn't that mostly the point of the call? No wonder they are stubbornly inept and we are totally frustrated: we're all being monitored.

    Okay maybe it's because I'm a violinist that is aware of her hands more than others, but why would anyone place their silverware in the dishwasher handle first, thus leaving fork tines and knife edges exposed? Please don't tell me they get cleaner that way, because that's simply not true. My silverware is plenty clean. People, isn't life challenging enough as it is?

    Okay, now I need to explore my favorite pass time -- hah, pass time. More like my expertise. The airlines.

    Why is it cheaper -- a lot by the way -- to buy an airline ticket if you stay overnight on Saturday? Why does the airline care which night I decide to stay? What business is it of theirs? If I want to go to Denver on Wednesday and return Friday, why should I be penalized for that? Isn't it enough that I am buying the ticket? Why does the airline insist that I sleep in Denver on Saturday night or be punished for it?

    The Whole Mask Speech
    Please folks, understand that I have to hear and witness these events practically every day. Why should we place the mask on ourselves before assisting others? If we put the mask on first, then we're kinda stuck there in that spot right? If we're stuck there, how can we then possibly assist others?

    Crash Position
    I've been pondering this one for years.

    "Assume the crash position": that sentence makes no sense to me at all if they expect action. I don't actually HAVE to get into that position, I'll just assume it. Furthermore, and even more importantly, someone please, please explain to me how that particular position is beneficial? The pilot announces there's a problem, and we're going to have a crash landing. Everyone then buries their heads in their crotches and stares at their floor.

    Will this keep the plane from crashing? Will it keep us all alive when it does crash? Does the airline want us to say goodbye to our shoes?

    People's Moods
    I have noticed that people boarding a plane for Miami are generally happier than people boarding a plane for Cleveland.

    Okay, and here's one last one I'm throwing in; kind of a local question I guess.


    Why is the train station in New York City called Pennsylvania Station?

    Well, that's about it for now. Just a violinist musing about everyday life that is sometimes confusing and almost always comical. Maybe some of you have the answers because as you already know and as I always say: what the hell do I know.


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