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    When you think of fairy tales, you think of Cinderella, Snow White, The Grimm Brothers, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks. You don't necessarily think of Prince Charles, right?

    And yet he has been in his life associated very publicly with fairy tales. Remember his union with Diana was widely hailed as the Fairy Tale Marriage of the Century. They even made a TV movie about it.

    I don't know Charles or anyone else associated with this long story, but as I watched the royal marriage recently, I couldn't help but think fairy tale all over again.

    Well, let me say this: Camilla is no princess that's for sure. Diana was. I adored her, not at the time of her wedding but much later in her life when it became apparent that she was the best thing that had ever happened to the royal family -- especially where it concerned her sons: raising those boys to know and understand the common people and their struggles instead of letting them be shielded and sheltered from that; bringing them when she visited AIDS patients; and hugging and kissing them in public like any normal mother would do. Do you remember that she was critized by the royal family for that???

    One kind of felt sorry for Charles back then, his wife charming the pants off of absolutely everyone she met and he -- very much in the backround.

    This was no fairy tale marriage as we all know. He shouldn't have married her. He was in love with someone else. But how can any of us possibly know what pressures are involved in being a "royal."

    I think we all can admit at this point that Charles was forced to marry Diana, the virgin innocent. He probably made the best of it -- well, there are two heirs to show for it.

    And then all hell broke out. Oh, God, the press -- never ending!!!! And what delicious gossip. Who cheated on whom, who secretly met whom at such and such castle, who snuck out to have "lunch" with an admirer... It went on forever, and we ate it up. The entire world at it up.

    The facts are these. Charles and Camilla were cheated on first. The marriage that should never have been was a shambles, and Diana made the first move -- who could blame her??

    And what do we know of Camilla Parker Bowles? I know only what Diana said of her. She called her the Rottweiler. And since we all loved Diana, it follows that we all hated Camilla. Diana had class and elegance and style and beauty. Camilla has none of these attributes, and, furthermore, Camilla has remained throughout this entire saga: silent.

    And then Diana died. We hated Camilla even more. Then the world was concerned for the boys. How would they manage without that incredible mother? And so for Charles and Camilla the charade continued for years and years. I think people have not given Charles any credit at all for being more than a decent father.

    Well, there's the queen who disapproved -- come to think of it she disapproves of everything doesn't she? She disapproves of smiling, too, I think. God, what an awful woman. I despise leaders who refuse to accept the times they live in. They are sheltered and safe in their past, and therefore their contribution now is more harmful than beneficient. Silly, stupid people.

    Okay, that's another essay for another time.

    Well my point is that the world has hated Camilla and hated Charles and Camilla for decades now. Things have changed in England and in the royal family, and thank God for it.

    Some 35 years ago two people met and fell in love, deeply in love. But one of them was 22 years old and didn't want to get married just yet. So the other one tired of waiting and got herself married. Many years later the young man wasn't so young anymore and was pressured to produce an heir. So he allowed the royal family to choose a bride for him. Since the woman he loved was now married, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Years passed on by, and everyone had babies: yippee.

    That took care of the "we need an heir" thing. Now there was just living to do, and that was the hard part. These two fell in love a very long time ago and never fell out of love. He should have married her back them when he was 22; but he didn't. That was his crime. And for that he -- and she -- were pretty miserably punished, I think. The press had a field day with them for so, so many years. She divorced, he divorced, the horrible death, and then the long wait for the boys to accept her. Those were black days for Charles and Camilla, and there were plenty of them.

    You see them now: Camilla trying to be accepted by anyone and everyone; Charles losing his hair and perhaps a little of that stiffness as well.

    He's an old guy now, and she's no spring chicken. They've loved each other forever, and finally after all those years and all that drama: they got married.

    Maybe not for us, but I'm thinking for Charles and Camilla: that's a real fairy tale.

    But what the hell do I know?


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